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Jon from Salinas

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Hand Sanitizer Lotion - 1/2 oz. - 24 hr

Item no: 105532-12-24HR


Jon's Review:

These seemed too small to me but several people have since described them as "cute" and "purse-sized" so I will use them in marketing. One or more leaked in transit and several of the logos were damaged by being wet with alcohol and jostled. I'd estimate about 10% have lost part of the logo or have a piece of another logo stuck to the label.

Flexi-Vase - Designer Series

Item no: 108815-DS


Jon's Review:

It was not obvious to me that this is a flat item that expands to a fairly stable base. It seems flimsy to me but presented with sand or water in it and a plant clipping or cutting within it, it has some class.