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Julie from Bellevue

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Item no: 8550


Julie's Review:

The pens were awful and we can not even use them for marketing. The colors were completely off and not the same tone as was represented from the proof. The barrel color was to be a light teal with dark purple writing. The actual teal pen barrel was so dark, you could not see the writing in DARK purple at all. We went to a very important event and spent what little extra money we had for the business on these pens. We lost out on a fantastic oipportunity to promote ourselves and our new business. We were hugely disappointed and would not reccommend these to anybody

Fortune Cookie

Item no: 39213


Julie's Review:

The fortune cookies great! We really liked these and they were well represented on your site. They turned out exactly how they looked from the proof. These ended up being the only thing we could use to promote oursleves and we were glad we had something, although the impact was not as big as it could have been.