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Carabiners have been adapted to carry keyrings and drinkware. These spring-loaded shackles are perfect for everyday use, like clipping gear to a travel mug or their house and car keys. 4imprint understands the appeal of the unassuming, minimalist carabiner, and we offer several styles of custom carabiner keychains to use as giveaways at trade shows and other events.

Appreciating the Simplicity

What makes carabiners so popular, even for people who don’t work or play outdoors? The simple design is genius, with its lightweight material and locking or non-locking gate. People have adopted a lightweight version of this climbing gear for everyday life to clip water bottles to backpacks or to keep track of keys. 4imprint carries several different shapes, sizes and colors of custom carabiner keychains that won’t take a big chunk out of your marketing budget. Choose from locking or non-locking styles to ensure your keys won’t fall off.

Customizing Your Gear

A carabiner may have a small surface area for personalization, but the pros at 4imprint are graphic design experts who use imprinting and engraving techniques to add your organization's name to these handy little keychains. With your information included on your promotional product, potential and existing customers know whom to thank for such a useful item. Order your custom carabiner keychains today and shop for other one-of-a-kind products to share with your employees or customers.

Employee Tip on Carabiners

Get your promotion moving at a steady clip with imprinted carabiner giveaways! Custom carabiners come in handy in all kinds of places, from the garage to the camping trail. As keychains, carabiners keep keys clipped securely in place so there’s little chance of them getting lost or misplaced. In the outdoors, promotional carabiners clip water bottles, paracord and other supplies to hiking packs for easy access. Everyone has their favorite use for carabiner clips, and there are always more uses to discover for these handy promotional giveaways.

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