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9 years.

 Becky from Hiram
I love how easy it is to write with
 Bryan from Atlanta
Awesome value
 Brenda from Kingsport
Awesome product. Everyone comes to my office to get their pens.
 Sandra from Holmes Beach
Writes beautifully! A great looking pen for an extremely reasonable cost.
 Mandy from Bozeman
the stick imprint and the clip imprint did not align even though i sent a mock up
 Kelly from Bardstown
Really like the Bic Clic Stic but it's even better with our company logo on it! Thanks for a great product with great turn around time!
 Ifan from New York
Good quality T-Shirt.
 Anh from Fairfax
The black shirt had a nice rich hue compared to other black shirts, but the fabric is a bit stiff.
 Oni from Philadelphia
The t-shirts are a great quality and the printing was all done exactly as we wanted.
 Darrin from Solvang
Excellent pen. People I have given this to all say they love how well it writes. Very smooth. Fits well in the hand and nice to have the rubber grip bottom. Matching barrel and clicker top look great together. Will definitely choose this pen again
 Kathy from Lafayette
Love them! Great writing feel!
 Michelle from Wichita
 Theresa from Clinton
Big bang for the buck. Our budget did not allow for expensive items so this pen has been great. The colors were perfect for our company and matched our sign out front. They are small enough to carry around and we put them in stores where they have a cup for people to sign their credit card slips. No dislikes.
 Eileen from Wheaton
The artwork on the pen was excellent. This is a great inexpensive pen to promote your organization.
 Ledezma from Portland
Good pen for a great value!
 Lisa from Cranford
The caps fall off very easily.
 Mary from Amite
The pens were great many people loved them!
 Aziz from Arlington
The bottom caps fall off too easily
 Francisco from Hayward
Turn out perfect for application.
 Lauren from Phoenix
Beautiful colors and perfect presentation!
 Pamela from Lancaster
It looked great!
 Brooke from Canaan
This pen is a great giveaway.
 Kate from Fairbanks
Pen runs out quickly
 Eileen from Somerset
Clients like the stylus feature of the been but said it runs out of ink quickly. We worked with 4imprint on this and received a second order which seems to be much better.
 Rhonda from Albuquerque
Good price
 Carolyn from Ypsilanti
Great bags everyone loves them
 John from Osprey
The size was slightly bigger than we thought.
 Michelle from Delaware
Great tote -- the imprinting is clear and sharp
 Rachel from Binghamton
Fantastic, although the logo did turn out to be rather small. It's always hard to determine how accurate, even with size parameters, something will be.
 Yvonne from Baltimore
It's exactly what we wanted -- and the price is good too!
 Steve from University Park
Popular and versatile. We use them for everything from sharing information with prospective students to easy rewards for staff.
 Irv from Dresher
The imprint and design was very handsome.
 Patricia from Piscataway
We had 2 bags that the sides were slit open and 2 bags that the string was broke. During our conference 2 more bags were returned after the string had broken while our guest was using it. Not Good.
 Mary from Chicago
Cloth looks very nice. The logo is clear and the colors are true. It makes a strong statement at public functions.
 Tracy from Harrison
Very nice and good quality
 Stephanie from Santa Rosa
Looks Great
 Salvador from Gardena
Excellent pen, easy to write, professional style, light weight, affordable price.
 Stephanie from Memphis
Nice pen for the price. Came in quickly.
 Katherine from Cotulla
I like this product because it write very smooth and has the soft grip area.
 Michael from Austin
Great. Everyone wanted one. Hottest item that our organization purchase;as of yet.
 Marlene from Huntington
Very nice tumblers!
 Brian from Granville
The tumbler is great and the artwork came out wonderfully! The only hang-up I have is that the pricing for a smaller order is a bit too high for this product in my opinion.
 Robin from Chesterfield
The business card magnets were just what we were looking for. The printing was crisp & they were exactly what we wanted.
 Katie from Burton
Great idea to have our Business contact information at-a-glance for our members!
 Elrena from Boston
Quick turn-around time when we request this product. Staff are very courteous and helpful when placing our request for magnets.
 Jennifer from Northbrook
Great quality clip! very firm grip with strong magnetic connection
 Jill from Oconomowoc
Really attractive and heavy duty ! Our associates thought they were great at our Safety event, and are asking for more.
 Albertha from Lake Charles
Sturdy and easy to use. Makes you feel confident that the clip is doing it's job.
 Mary Beth from Independence
I ordered these for a whole library system, we recieved many good comments on this item, it is very useful in our setting, because, spilling could be a disaster. Good colors, very nice.
 Danielle from Meadville
Terrific service. Quick and easy.
 Patty from Paw Paw
We loved these, and our staff thought they were very attractive and very useful to them. Thank you for getting them to us before we actually needed them.
 Jane from New Bern
Everyone thinks they are really fun and neat looking
 Tephanie from Fort Bliss
Loved IT!!
 Tait from Rancho Santa Margarita
 Pattie from Tucson
Sturdy, roomy. Great bag at a great proce.
 Melanie from Fitzgerald
I liked the font but the silver was dull in the print, almost a gray, the silver needed to pop more
 Susan from Kensington
Can't mess these up too much. The back retracts easily. Very friendly to use....
 Ruth from Pittsburgh
We ordered these to put in race bags and they were a big hit for runners and walkers. Who can't use a water bottle??
 Melissa from Wyoming
Again great quality and very happy with the imprint colors and design!
 John from Merrick
Great product
 Dorothea from New York
Warm and cozy......This our second time ordering this product for our team....
 Carmen from Hayward
Again, nice detailing, workmanship. Fabric quality was better than expected.
 James from Vineyard Haven
Folks really liked the jackets
 Cheryl from Raleigh
I ordered these in Khaki with black trim and when I received them they are not what I would consider Khaki - it is more like a mustard color but we will do with them for this year, even though I had based all my other colors around the khaki. Next year if I order them again I will ask for a sample of the color before I order that way I can be sure of the color. Otherwise the product is fine.
 Lisa from Southfield
We used the neck wallet for our church retreat. It was perfect for a name tag, room key, and lipstick. lol. We will order again. Sincerely, Lisa
 Merry from Tuckahoe
Quilters LOVE your name tag bags so they can have their hand sewing tools right where they need them. We give these out at our weekend getaways for quilters, and they always ask for an extra or two to share with their friends.
 Vicki from Salinas
The color is bright, wich is good and font size is also readable and clear.
 Yvonne from Houston
I absolutely love these pencil. They were extrememly cost effective, and are great.
 Tiffany from Richardson
These pencils were awesome!! The description was correct and the kids and parents love them!!
 Emily from Fort Worth
Very nice bag.
 Lisa from New Bern
Very nice, attractive bag. Perfect giveaway that is vaue priced.
 Karen from Gilbert
Great little tote. I was worried at first because the size seemed too small, but this tote has room enough to fit a couple of regular-sized brochures and more! The imprint is nice and big and I was able to get my logo and all of my contact info on the front. My customers love them and many tell me that they use it as a lunch bag, which means their co-workers are seeing it, too! Good quality and vibrant color. Very happy with this product!
 Stacy from Nelsonville
Quality is good and the colors and customization are always excellent. The keychain is an added bonus that our students always like. I feel like for a USB drive with such a small amount of storage space, the price on this item should be much lower (especially when purchased in quantities of 100+ as I do).
 Dena from Boise
Good quality and exactly as shown. Staff worked with us to show logo options that would work well on this item. Thanks!
 Billy from Oswego
love it
 Kenneth from Leesburg
Great item for the price.
 Renee from Havertown
Excellent loved the way our cup came out
 Jennifer from Solomons
very nice item, we used them for our cookies with santa program for the kids and they loved them! Parents loved them as well! Very afforadable and still very nice quality
 Lois from Stillwater
Nice Bottle, easy grip
 Michael from Clearwater
Our members love these!
 Gina from New York
Love it!
 Cassandra from Oswego
Very pleased
 Rachel from Amarillo
for the price, the coolie is an excellent option for our advertising needs.
 Tracy from Charlotte
The quality could be a little better, but for the price we are happy with them.
 Brigitte from Orlando
Great Item. We ordered this for one of our student events and our logo shows up very nice on the white background.
 Lana from Old Hickory
The mugs were unbelievable for the price. Everyone who received one was duly impressed!!!
 Alison from San Francisco
Excellent product for the price. Will definitely order again when I need promo mugs. The printing turned out great!
 Richard from Hinesville
We loved it!!
 Kathy from Golden
Very nice!
 Sr. Pat from Whitehouse
We use these bags to help students carry their books and supplies from one class to the next. Depending on the students' ability to care for their belonging determines the life of the bag. We can usually get one school year out of it, many of the students can get three years. Embroidery is nice but the screen printing is less expensive and just as nice.
 Marisa from Worcester
Excellent pens!
 Patrick from Floral Park
The pens were fantastic
 Sherry from Richardson
Decent pens for the price. I like that the pens are sturdy and stand up even after shipping.
 Harry from Salt Lake City
Good quality shirt
 Isaac from Santa Paula
I really like the shirts! They are comfortable and the embroidery is exactly what we were hoping for.
 John from Royersford
everything was great! could not have been a better purchase.... thank you for everything
 Yolanda from Wilsonville
This is a very nice looking bag.
 Rosemary from Big Bend
We knew after receiving the sample of this tote that it is worth more than the cost. The finished product with our choice of color, and the imprint, are fabulous. We will be giving these totes to each lady that attends our Ladies Spiritual Growth Retreat on March 29. We have lots of give-away items we will be putting in them, and we believe these totes will be a huge hit with the ladies. We are more than pleased with the finished product.
 Judy from Neenah
The two tone tote bag we ordered turned out just the way we wanted it to. It was printed perfectly and delivered before I had a chance to realize I had placed the order. We will be back !!
 Sandra from Parkersburg
Love it! Even though it comes in "white," with the full color process, you can actually create any color you want. Just include it in your background on your artwork. Very pleased!
 Mark from Round Rock
Great product at a great price. Our customers really enjoy receiving these.
 Mina from Fountain Valley
A very good value. We are using them in the office as well as a promotional item.
 Charlotte from Napa
The fabric is soft, sturdy and the imprint colors show very well.
 Nancy from Port Washington
Love the bag wish the straps were just a bit thicker and kept it's shape
 Abby B from Watertown
I really like the tote size and how well our logo turned out when imprinted on the front. Thank you! I really think our alumni will love them!
 David from Hitchcock
Fit our needs perfectly
 Anna from Durham
These bags are great! We order them regularly for projects that reach our community. They make a statement and are super practical. Great buy!
 Kelli from El Centro
The imprint on some of the bags was smeared or partly missing in one corner.
 Susan from St Paul
Not only is the mug wonderful to drink from (feels solid in my hand, nice weight, clean drinking edge) the imprint was done perfectly!
 Jon from Clarion
Looks nice
 Sheryl from Tampa
Awesome mug - our clients love it. Very reasonable pricing as well.
 Terry from Altamonte Springs
Everyone drinks something from a can; no one wants wet hands or surfaces!
 Dan from Lansdowne
Goog job.
 Clarissa from Ashland
These are awesome. They call them economy but we order them all the time, they do not feel cheap, they look great imprinted and they make a great giveaway. So affordable and the quality is much better than we initially expected which is why we keep coming back to order more!
 Christina from Columbia
Loved it. Turned out beautifully.
 Lena from Oregon City
love the convience of it
 Carla from Saint Louis
I am very pleased with the product. That is why this is my second order!
 Tonya from Alamo
Great product
 Naoki from New York
This is a good stuff because it's cheap.
 Tom from Huxley
This is a great item for the price. I started using them to hand off my customers orders. They love em.
 P F John from Whittier
Print did not stick when bags removed
 Nikki from Fresno
 Elizabeth from Troy
Quick,easy and exactly what we wanted!
 Destiny from Green Springs
Very thick and warm.
 Francisco from Madison
I like the fleece jacket a lot!!
 Dani from Frankfort
Great jacket, and the embroidery was a wonderful.
 Emily from Buies Creek
Bic sticky notes are always a good product.
 Cynthia from Manteno
Nice and to the point!
 Michelle from Washington
Great, low-cost giveaway item for a large, diverse group(s).
 Ashley from Onalaska
The kakhi color was not uniform and there were lots of loose threads on the product however for the price it was to be expected. The imprint itself was very clean and well done
 Shawna from Seneca
These are GREAT!
 Ellen from Hauppauge
great - employees were scrabbling to try and get more - we also used them promotional and customer enjoyed them too
 Judy from Elizabeth City
My clients love this pen and the fact that it includes the stylus. It writes good, looks good and feels good in your hand. Buy it you will love it.
 Jane from Northridge
Good pen. Reliable and enjoyed it.
 Sherrie from Pataskala
Love these pens ... everyone who gets one is impressed. The ink flows very smoothly and the stylus on the end is a nice touch.
 Robert from Kyle
Great item; all of our employees loved it!
 Genevieve from New London
Good product for the price. Service was quick and thorough.
 Rina from Shirley
 Brenda from Ronda
Our staff loved the umbrellas
 Sara from Duluth
 Susan from Ft Lauderdale
Exactly what I expected and shipped quickly.
 Adriana from Elmhurst
strong bags and clients love them because they are durable and just the right size.
 Vanessa from Waterford
Excellent product that we have ordered for several years now. This bag hold a lot of 8x11 sheets of paper and is very strong.
 Ginny from St Louis
We used them at a golf tournament and it rained. Everthing inside stayed dry and the bags could be dried off.
 Katharine from Hillsboro
Great, just what we wanted Imprint was great, also. Each employee received one
 Mike from Newburgh
Great product!
 Debbie from Staten Island
We are very happy with these umbrella...we are using them as a give-away at our upcoming golf outing
 Trina from Rice Lake
I was a little worried until I got the sample and now I have the product and we love them!
 Sinikka from Holden
Great embroidery!
 Lindsay from Burton
Very nice, light weight and soft material
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