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9 years.

 Brian from Curtis Bay
Pen is fantastic
 Rex from Bonesteel
This pen was recommended by the salesperson that I talked to and she uses this pen daily. A great pen for the money and our customers like them as well.
 Edwina from Palm Springs
We now have our phone number on it and we like it very much
 Julie from San Marcos
Our pens arrived quickly; they were perfect, and the price was impressive.
 Anita from Worcester
My boss prefers this pen because the clip doens't break. She has a tendancy to play with her pen, and with this one, she can't break it. We use the pens to give to students who come into the office asking to borrow a pen.
 Maryanne from Palo Alto
These pens write well and don't feel flimsy. We reordered because feedback has been positive.
 Jerry from Mapleton
The shirts look, fit, and wash nicely.
 Dave from Phoenix
Great value for the money.
 Scott from Pittsburgh
A very good shirt - nice and hefty.
 Jessica from Hydro
Write well and look great! We love this item and will order again!
 Carolynn from Westlake Village
Looks good, writes well
 Marie from York
Quality pen for the price. Writes nice
 Nikki from Saginaw
Great pen for the price.
 Eric from Fostoria
It'd get a 5, but I've been told after only about a week of carrying them, the logo is almost completely gone.
 Don from Louisville
Good quality for the money. The text and logo are crisp and clean.
 Eloisa from San Jose
Very pleased with it.
 Nanci from Tucson
Turned out great! We love it We haven't washed it yet...hoping we don't have to dry clean it.
 Barbara from Horace
Looked great, easy to store. Lots of complements at the convention from those viewing it for the first time. Looks like it will be easy to care for.
 Samantha from Torrance
This is a great way to advertise your company, especially if you are working a tighter budget.
 Angela from York
Great pen and everyone loves it!
 Caity from Midland
Really, the pens were great. They looked fabulous and write really nicely. There personable and look very professional, and I like that we got to send you the artwork for what WE wanted. Thank you so much!
 Rhonda from Wausau
Imprint comes off with use, miss the rubber grip like on the click curvy pen.
 Eileen from Somerset
Clients like the stylus feature of the been but said it runs out of ink quickly. We worked with 4imprint on this and received a second order which seems to be much better.
 Holly from Saint Joseph
A little more lightweight that expected but still a nice pen. would have liked the option of blue ink.
 Michelle from Annapolis
Our customers love this bag! Sturdy, easy to stash and, with its large capacity, its hard to fill!
 Elizabeth from Marietta
Very good quality. Item exactly as represented. Perfect for our school fundraiser!
 Sheri from Burlington
Our staff loved the bags we handed out at in-service. One person reprted that when he used the bag at a checkout counter the cashier admired the bag and said it was nicer than the bags they sell. Then she asked about our organization when she saw the logo.
 Scott from Old Greenwich
Gave the bags as a give away for our 20th annual performance - well recieved and durable
 Stephanie from Fort Worth
Cute Bottle. I thought it might be bigger. My logo came out fantastic.
 Linda from Portland
Your staff was extremely easy to work with and I would order from you again. The grocery tote arrived exactly as ordered.
 Lana from Bartlett
The item was exactly what I expected. I had ordered a sample before I placed my order. The printing was excellent - no smears or defects that I could find.
 Terri from Massena
These were ordered for elementary students and they loved them. The only complaints that I heard was from the teachers because they wanted them also.
 Christy from Angier
Great for the motorcyle!
 Ann from Pontiac
I needed to use this for an event and it worked great! Our table throw looked really good, especially compared to our competitors! The throw is a really nice, good quality!
 Robert from Rumney
 Greg from Natick
awesome. great quality. love it
 Amanda from La Verne
Nice looking pen, writes well too. Great value!
 David from Urbana
The pens were printed as we wanted. They look very good, and they write very well. The pens were printed to advertise our church with the church logo and name of the church. Our mission was accomplished. Good job.
 Dorothy from Greensboro
Great pen love it
 Sharon from Hampton
The product was very high quality and the printing was excellent. Everyone loved it.
 Austin from Houston
Great Product. It went over huge with out customers.
 Becky from Urbana
Very nice tumbler! Look really good when we received the finshed product!
 Penny from Kingpsort
We were extremely pleased with the clips. They were much stronger than we anticipated and this was a very good feature in that they would be used by truckers to secure a credit card type card to their sunvisor.
 Danyelle from Lowell
I love the clips I ordered. They are great quality! Not cheap or skimpy. Great item!
 Linda from Toledo
Great! Have ordered this one several times now. People like the strength of the magnet and are always looking for it when they come to an open house.
 Lisa from Topeka
The magnets look great. One disappointing detail was the teal color I had on part of the magnet writing turned out green and there wasn't time to fix it before our event.
 Brianna from Redwood City
Our staff and students love the magnets. Your staff was able to work with our design without any problems.
 Rob from Southlake
Turnaround time on the order was terrific and the quality of the merchanidise exceeded my expectations.
 Jennifer from Pine Ridge
 Angie from Marshalltown
The quality was OK. But it fits the price. :)
 Marion from Eagar
The packs turned out great with our new town logo on them.
 Brenda from Kingdom City
Loved them exactly what we wanted!!
 Tina from Texarkana
They're fantastic. We really are happy with them.
 Marc from Berea
Students were excited to receive the Steel Tumbler. It looks sharp as well.
 Janet from Gate City
Worked well!
 Rex from Blackfoot
The bags looked great - the imprint was clear and just like the proof.
 Dusty from Sevierville
Excellent quality and especially like the reinforced top of the bag.
 Michelle from Murrieta
Great little water bottle!
 Kerri from Oakley
Fast turn around from order to delivery. Great product and the imprints were great. The kids really loved them.
 Mary from Port Byron
These sport bottles met all of our expectations, with logo presentation and the quality of the bottle. We are involved in several community 5K runs and donated them for the run packets.
 Jackie from Columbus
These mugs are simple, but look clean and made our participants very happy. The staff at 4imprint were super responsive, and you can't argue with the price of these.
 Carolyn from Louisville
The mugs LOOK GREAT!! They are a big hit. We would order these again. Thank you for a great job done.
 John from Sunbury
 Merry from Tuckahoe
Quilters LOVE your name tag bags so they can have their hand sewing tools right where they need them. We give these out at our weekend getaways for quilters, and they always ask for an extra or two to share with their friends.
 David from Cantonment
 Jennifer from Durham
These worked great for our convention staff! Plenty of room to store a phone and schedule. Also good for those of us with keys to lockboxes, etc. And good visibility for our attendees to be able to identify us.
 Carmille from Honolulu
Good bag, unique size.
 Emmalee from Seattle
We gave these out as gifts and every recipient just loved them! They are the perfect size for lunch bags, and that's what we used them for.
 Danny from Farmingdale
Very well priced and quick turnaround from first call to final delivery
 Maria Luisa from Laredo
Everyone wants a new pencil for the new school year!
 Chris from Lawrenceburg
Very good quality print job. Outstanding customer serivce. I highly recommend to anyone.
 Priscilla from Cass Lake
I was pleased with the pencils ordered!
 Jeannina from Bedford
The cups were delivered on time and arrived unharmed. They were exactly as I pictured. Very plain and simple,as I didn't have time for creativity. I used them as door gifts for my salon's customer appreciation party.
 Anja from Clarksville
Exactly what I was looking for.
 Kristi from Ellsworth
Love um' - great cups for the everyday occassion - nothing like promoting our "stinky" business :)
 Jill from New Leipzig
It is great quality - looks beautiful and much more expensive than it was. I am very pleased with the bottles.
 Sarah from Brooklyn
Awesome product. Ordered blue bottle and white cap. Looked super sharp
 Shunnett from Columbus
These were nice and are very affordable. The logo was wonderful!
 Tammi from Indianapolis
We hand out these Flash drives tradeshows. We load our company catalog and other materials so that potential customers can grab all the materials very easily.
 Joyce from Pomona
This was PERFECT for our needs... and the associate was able to give me a selection of colors... thanks for a great product and great service...
 Billy from Oswego
love it
 Melissa from Chesapeake
It was exactly as promised, delivered on time, and of very good quality.
 Charlene from Hampton
Good quality product at an affordable price.
 Rachel from Baton Rouge
Most of these were perfect! The logo/layout on some of them was slanted/crooked and some of the ink was cracked. I know that this was a large order and that, as such, there were bound to be imperfections--but, overall, I was very pleased with this product!
 Susie from Canutillo
Excellent bag teachers were very happy to receive it.
 Kathy from Harrisburg
good quality bag - reasonably priced
 Mary from Los Angeles
This messenger bag is made very well and very practical for the business person. We have purchased these bags for the last 3 years and the staff are very pleased.
 Brenda from South Milwaukee
Our customers love the bright colors and always tell us how much they like these pens. We make sure they take extra pens to give to their friends. Makes getting our name and phone number out there so much easier!!
 Wanda from Eagle Point
I am very happy with my pens. Lettering looked nice and clients seem to like the feel of them.
 Christina from Indianapolis
Our collegians LOVE this pen!
 Mary from Fowler
Great bags! Work well for the brochures and applications that we hand out.
 Emily from Pittsburgh
Great Product!
 Glenn from Duxbury
Perfect size for post op supplies and instructions for my patients. Well made and biodegradable.
 Janice from Richmond
Love the bag! A zipper top keeps everything secure and the bottle holder pocket is a bonus.
 Jean from Tampa
The bags were definately a hit!
 Yami from Lake Worth
Our teachers loved this bag!
 Becky from Fremont
Great product!!
 Keith from Lincolnshire
Excellent quality, fast turnaround
 Emily from Hagerstown
It was extremely easy to order the post-it notes! Although we had to revise the look a few times, you were easy to work with and we were able to get the post-it to look great!
 Susan from Jacksonville
It was great that you sent samples - people certainly appreciated that.
 Tamera from Bronx
I love these shirts as well. They hardly shrink when you put them in the dryer and the quality is great also.
 Betty from Miami
 Paul from Louisville
Everyone loves the jacket!
 Dani from Frankfort
Great jacket, and the embroidery was a wonderful.
 Claire from Peoria
Super pleased with this jacket! It exceeded our expectations. Sleeves were a little long. Very high quality.
 Sheryl from Tampa
Awesome mug - our clients love it. Very reasonable pricing as well.
 Jeffrey from Kansas City
The printing turned out excellent and the quality of the mug is fantastic.
 Susan from St Paul
Not only is the mug wonderful to drink from (feels solid in my hand, nice weight, clean drinking edge) the imprint was done perfectly!
 Daniela from Los Angeles
The item was very nice for my use, however it's not really like the photo.
 Caroline from Geneva
The bags were great, a great weight and thickness, definitely great for the price. They were exactly what I was looking for.
 Lori from Carterville
They have been very popular. Imprint is very nice.
 Kate from Jamaica Plain
We are really happy with our order!
 Kate from Northbrook
great quality
 Faye from Conyers
It is okay. The imprint does rub off over a short time
 Jerry from Alexandria
Super! Simple and quick to set up. Printing quality was great. Super value.
 Lucy from Uvalde
Pictures we a bit too dark.
 Alexis from Boise
Super easy and looks amazing in person.
 Caitlin from Kings Park
Clear printing, fits can perfectly.
 Javier from Hidalgo
 Emily from Burlington
Turned out really cute even with 1 color printing.
 Camilla from Grantsville
It is a nice size and the straps are just the perfect length for carrying around.
 Carol from Marion
Great - useful for the conference - looked nice
 George from Canajoharie
Good printing a little worried about how long they will last.
 John from Charleston
I probably should have added a little more to the pad than just my logo. Like a phone number or address.
 Sonya from Austin
like them
 Andrew from Salem
Very good product and quick process to get
 Amanda from Shelton
Great Quality
 Tricia from Fresno
My family was very happy.
 Sherry from Lemoyne
A very quality chair for the price.
 Anna from Richardson
These pens are light weight and write smoothly. We love having the stylus end for our patients to sign their receipts with instead of using their fingers!
 Patricia from Bemidji
The pen isn't quite the color we thought it'd be when we received it in person, but we have loved the Epiphany pen for years, and adding a stylus is just icing on the cake!
 Judy from Elizabeth City
My clients love this pen and the fact that it includes the stylus. It writes good, looks good and feels good in your hand. Buy it you will love it.
 Carl from Vansant
Logo too small
 Tom from Norfolk
Great product at a great price.
 Steve from Cincinnati
Great quality and greatly appreciated by the staff.
 Maureen from New Rochelle
It was a good quality umbrella and our Staff who have seen it. It was purchased for a small golf outing and will be used next week as prizes.
 Lindsey from Chesterfield
Good quality umbrella, and printing came out very nice.
 Elizabeth from New York
Loved it
 Cat from Kingman
Just the right size and packed very well.
 Susan from Milwaukee
Just what we needed. Worked out well!
 Deena from Folsom
Logo is picture perfect!
 Lea from Dothan
We purchased this as part of our employee anniversary gifts and they love it!
 Jen from Boston
This item was even better then we expected!!! Thank you!
 Maureen from New York
Nice quality umbrella. Would have liked a larger imprint area but overall satisfied.
 Doreen from Cedar Key
Great Pads, Great for Promo Item along with an imprinted Bic Pen. Good Quality Pad
 Pam from Houston
Love the pads - again very well made and good price.
 Stephanie from New Castle
Great little pad, and cheap too!
 John from Fort Myer
high quality
 Kimberly from Bastian
Excellent quality & true to size.
 Angie from Milton
Very good quality. lightweight. very true to size.
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