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Power bank buying guide

Low battery? No outlet? No problem!

What is a power bank?

A portable charger or power bank is a device used to charge a mobile phone, tablet or other electronic device when plugging into a wall outlet isn't possible.

How do you use a power bank?

Follow these steps and never again be without power!

Step One Battery


Charge the power bank ahead of time with the included charging cable.

Step Two Battery


Simply connect one end of a compatible charging cable to the power bank's OUT port. Then connect the other end to the device.

Step Three Battery


Power up.
Never deal with a dead battery again!

Which power bank is right for your customers' and team's gadgets?

Consider these three factors:

1. Do they want to charge a mobile phone, tablet or both? (Amp output speed)

Tablets, having bigger batteries, are designed to charge at a faster speed and are best teamed with a 2.1-amp (faster) power bank.

Tablet uses 2.1 amp charger

2.1 amps charger for tablet

Mobile phones, having smaller batteries, don't require 2.1 amps, so a 1-amp power bank is the best option.

Phone uses 1 amp charger

amp charger for phone

We have power banks available with 1-amp output or 2.1-amp output or both.

When shopping for power banks on our site, filter by "Device Compatibility" and look for the amp output in the product details.

Note: The product's label may refer to amp output in milliamps (1 amp = 1000 mA)

2. How much power do they want to charge? (mAh capacity)

mAh (milliampere hour)
Think of mAh as an expression of battery power.

Mobile and tablet devices contain batteries of slightly different sizes. The mAh capacity is listed on the device. For example, an iPhone® has 2815 mAh battery capacity, and a Microsoft Surface® Pro 7 has 5702 mAh battery capacity.

We have power banks available in all sizes, providing everything from an emergency boost for a mobile phone to a complete recharge of a tablet.

On our website, filter by "Battery Capacity" and look for mAh information in the product details section.

3. Is the power bank UL Listed?

Look for power banks that are UL Listed and carry the UL Listing Certification Mark. This means that the product has been evaluated by Underwriter Laboratories and meets applicable safety standards.

All of the power banks 4imprint® carries are UL Listed.

Power banks:
On-the-go charging—anywhere, anytime.

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