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Employee Tip on Flyers & Flying Discs

with 4imprint
9 years

Promotional flyers capture the imagination of young and old as they sail through the air and get your logo noticed! Often called Frisbees (actually a brand name), these flying discs come in a variety of colors and designs to garner attention at outdoor events, company picnics, open houses and parties. If you need party favors for kids or want the perfect giveaway or low-cost gift for air shows or airport gift shops, put your logo on balsa, foam or paper airplanes! Zing Rings turn recycled plastic into far-sailing flyers. Saturn flying disks are another low-cost option to give your marketing efforts some air time! You'll also find fold up flyers that conveniently tuck away and even printed foam boomerangs that give you a great return on your advertising investment. Promote exercise and wellness programs with colorful flyers and toy airplanes! Promo flyers also make great paper plate holders at picnics for double-duty use.