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9 years.

 Bob from Walton
nice pens!
 Chad from Liberty
Great Quality!
 Lora from Nova
They are actually pretty nice, they write really smooth which is unusual for a fine point
 Chris from Biggs
In the past I've tried other, cheaper, pens to promote my business. The Bic Clic Stic seems to be a standard that everyone expects and values. I have ordered some before and will order them again. Thank you 4imprint!
 Jewel from Deland
Because they are so large, the freight is very expensive.
 Bruce from Crown Point
The clicking action is sticking on 30% of the order.
 Dana from San Andreas
Good quality material and color. Sizing ran a little small.
 Brenda from Christiansburg
Excellent material and color
 Elaine from Houston
 Kathleen from Fernley
Good value. Writes smoothly. Only one bad clicker in the bunch.
 Bruce from Casper
Economical good value
 Allen from Columbia Falls
 Valerie from Augusta
For the price we like this pen and the imprint was clear despite the size of the item
 Frank from Houston
Some fall apart easily...
 Annie from Kenai
For a bulk pen, this is great. The first scribble clears the dried out end, but after that it writes amazingly well! Will consider next time we are looking for more pens.
 Jamie from Ojai
Every single pen I use, the ink does not flow. It skips and you use it some where else(circles to get the ink to flow)It won t...I Have been going to call, But I do most everything on the internet. I will probly not order from you in the future, If I do, it wont be those pens!!
 Ginny from Morgan Hill
Exactly what we were looking for as a great price!
 Sharon from Houston
We order these regularly for giveaways and mailouts, but I like them so much that I use them as my regular writing pen.
 Kate from Fairbanks
Pen runs out quickly
 Debbie from Carmel
Beautiful pens, but the imprint wears off after a short period (2-3 weeks) of use.
 Marilyn from San Antonio
This items was placed in gift bags, for guest speakers and prizes at special events.
 Shana from Beverly Hills
Excellent quality. The printing looked great!
 Heidi from Newark
Met our expectations.
 William from Eau Claire
Goo color, excellent printing
 Barry from Lisle
awesome and much bigger than I expected. I love the flat piece that is included for the bottom of the bag.
 Rosemary from Trenton
Stiching on sides could be reinforced. We had several that came apart.
 Elizabeth from Marietta
Very good quality. Item exactly as represented. Perfect for our school fundraiser!
 Amanda from Bellevue
The print was beautiful. The bags were folded a little crooked, though. I only noticed because we are wrapping ribbons around them folded and giving them as gifts to our patients. Other than that we were very impressed with the product, service, and price.
 Carol from Burlington
These are wonderful and we have received great feedback from them.
 Loretta from Ocean Springs
It is a little wider than I thought it would be so it is difficult for smaller hands to hold, otherwise it is nice. The fluting makes it a little easier to grasp.
 Christy from Angier
Great for the motorcyle!
 Loni from San Luis Obispo
Excellent quality, artwork, and price!
 Brandon from Dayton
Always a hit. A great product. Great Service. Thanks.
 Rhonda from Dayton
This is the second one I ordered and it works very well for both organizations.
 Emily from Orlando
The table throw we ordered was even better than expected. The quality was exceptional.
 Betty from San Luis Obispo
the table throw lokked very nice. I think that the material seemed to be a little different than the last one we ordered. We actually iked this one better.
 Erin from Thousand Oaks
Love these cups. This is my 3rd order for different events.
 Robin from Clovis
This item is perfect; it is high quality and I was pleasantly surprised. I have had so many complements on it. I most often here "it is just like the Starbucks cup". Contents stay cool for a long time and there is no condensation to get all over desktops.
 Michele from Honolulu
Good product, very well made.
 Fran from Ogdensburg
Like the grip and ink. Easy writing tool.
 Steve from Hummelstown
Great pen!
 Geoffrey from Hattiesburg
Great item. Designs turned out really well.
 Judy from West Sacramento
Definitely a high quality product for a great price with a quick turnaround time.
 Don from Loveland
Great product, service and price!
 Sue from Malta
We had the cards within a week of ordering them (no special shipping either), and the layout was lovely.
 John from Clearfield
Everything turned out great!!!
 Kathy from Malvern
Love them. Quick turn around.
 Glenda from Oak Ridge
 Melisa from Kenansville
We will use the items during our annual senior event day! Easy to grip, especially for those whom have hand issues.
 Angela from Bradenton
The power clips have a very strong magnet and strong grip clip. They hold up very well.
 Sally from Wisconsin Rapids
Loved the look of this product. Beautiful and bright color! Very sturdy.
 Travis from La Fayette
I ordered this jacket as a Christmas gift for our staff at church. They are comfortable, attractive and warm. We've had a lot of positive comments on them.
 Linda from Parkersburg
Wonderful value.
 Jennifer from Terre Haute
So colorful so warm so perfect!
 Judy from Milford
no problems
 Rose from El Paso
an excellent incentive
 Pamela from Jamestown
Very cute!
 Milton from Morehead City
We have not used all of the sports bottles as plan is to use them during a Relay For Life walk. I foresee them working well for our walkers to keep hydrated.
 Thomas from Alexandria
They were a big hit give all 200 out in the first hour.
 Jennifer from Louisville
It's a nice little water bottle and the printing looked great.
 Karlene from Hanna City
It's a different fabric from our previous string bags. They seem sturdy and our customers like having color choices which we were able to purchase. The silver print shows up well on the dark colors and we are very happy with our choices.
 Marty from Huntington
Great promo item to give away! Students love them.
 Christina from Newark
Product is nothing like what it looked like on the website, very disappointed.
 Sharon from Phoenix
Everyone was happy with the product. Thanks
 Jackie from Pierre
We used the Neck Wallet at our Summit Conference and everyone really liked them. It was also very easy to get the set up on the wallet and the staff was very willing to help make it a easy process. Thank you!
 Dana from Clemson
they were a big hit, imprint was clear and we'll use them again! my only complaint is that some of the neck wallets were unusable (seemed to have glue residue on them or something), luckily we had ordered plenty.
 Sharon from St Augustine
Excellent! Our logo is perfect.
 Denise from Spring
Love the pencils and the quick turnaround! Can't think of any improvements!
 Margie from Danville
Very economical, high quality pencil.
 Janet from Minot
The item was acceptable and our imprint turned out great. However, the price for the amount of storage was a little high. Previously, we'd ordered the same product with 1 GB for about the same price from a local company and will probably do the same if we have any re-orders.
 Clark from Winston Salem
This items was exactly what we were looking for as a registration present for our Winter Conference.
 Tammi from Indianapolis
We hand out these Flash drives tradeshows. We load our company catalog and other materials so that potential customers can grab all the materials very easily.
 Melba from Renton
I had this product customized for my family reunion and it was a big hit as well. Thanks!
 Sandy from Tarpon Springs
Hot commodity in our office! Everybody loves them. Perfect gift size bag.
 Cathy from Richmond
 Alice from Havana
Printing does not appear bright and solid
 Suzanne from Rush
The print came out great!!
 Lacy from Biloxi
Love these, they are perfect to give our residents out by the pool and for marketing!!
 Pat from Jupiter
 Kevin from Mcdonough
Look Great!!
 Nikki from Texarkana
I used this item at my wedding reception. The 4imprint team helped me come up with a design and got everything done and shipped in no time!
 David from Youngstown
Well made. No leaks. Good value.
 Jennifer from Monroe
Very pleased
 Brenda from Meadville
The sport bottles are of a good quality and our logo looks nice.
 Angela from Little Rock
I think it is a good pen
 Laurie from Attleboro
This pen is great! It writes much better than I thought it would for the price and I have no problem leaving them everywhere I go to promote my business.
 Nicole from Solvang
Theses are great pens to give out to our patients!
 Renee from Nashville
The logo turned out more orange then red...keep that in mind that the white may mute the color just a bit.
 Elvira from Houston
Looks great!
 Doris from Palm Desert
Very good
 Nathan from Indianapolis
Great quality.
 Bobbie from Fernandina Beach
Those who received the product were pleased - had a lot of compartments for organization and seemed to be very sturdy
 Loris from Clarksdale
This bag was just what I wanted.
 Katie from Remsen
We love this shirt!!
 Doreen from Buffalo
Am finding that some employees shirts have shrunk and are too short. They've mentioned that some were to short lenghtwise before washing. That is not good when you're trying to be professional in the field and have a naval showing.
 Julianne from Havre
This shirt was a little disappointing. It's too short and there were a few spots on them. The sample seemed like a longer cut. Haven't done well with these.
 Cindy from Cross Plains
Great product
 Dee from Midvale
This bag is great! It's strong and durable, large enough for a laptop and accessories, as well as day-planner, pens, water-bottle and the colors were better than we anticipated.
 Becca from Blacksburg
I loved the tote!! Everyone at the conference loved the color and the fact that it could hold a lot of stuff without looking like a suitcase!!
 Brandon from Los Angeles
 Anne from Elm Grove
Turned out just the way I thought they would-Perfect!!
 Jane from Charlotte
The post-its were very economical and it was easy to upload the artwork. Also easy to obtain the quote!
 Elyse from Bethlehem
The quality was great for the price
 Valerie Jewel from Gary
The product was what I wwanted. The service was not very professional. I wanted 24 hour and Amber was telling me 4 days. Trying to convey what I wanted was I task. I was made to feel that I needed to stand by my computer all day. I also asked for a user friendly statement that I have not recieved as of yet.
 Becky from Fargo
Our tote bags turned out very nice. They turned out to be cheaper that buying them from the local arts & crafts store and we had our imprint on them ! We are using them for our annual Homecoming days (Fall of each year) to use on the parade route to hold candy that we hand out along the parade route.
 Christine from Seattle
Very good quality and the logo came out well.
 Sandra from Bloomfield
Very nice item.
 Malcolm from San Antonio
Terrific area for a large message. Can't be beat for the price!
 Paula from Anchorage
Great bags! We were very happy with the quality and time it took to have them delivered to us.
 Sherrie from Thousand Oaks
Great bags
 Deborah from Pasadena
I thought it was a perfect product and a good way to promote my art, I have friends using them as purses,
 Karen from Live Oak
Very nice resolution on my pictures. The colors are great. Very easy to use!
 Luke from Athens
The print was colored brilliantly. The reccomended resolution made the images on the rolling banner clear and bright. The hardware works almost flawlessly.
 Latasha from Bayboro
Great product. It was exactly what I was looking for.
 Diane from Atchison
Our consumers love our cups because they are easy to handle especially for the disabled.
 Alison from Auburn
Mug and logo design turned out great, but when the first person who received one went to use theirs, it turned out to be cracked. It had never been used or put in the dishwasher, so I can only assume that this happened during shipping? I only hope that this does not reflect on the quality of the mug - I will be giving them out during this year as employee birthday gifts and hope that they will not all be like this.
 Karen from Bridgeport
Handed out to the Board Members. They loved them!
 Debbie from Erie
Our lettering was a bit light in spots but other than that we were very pleased.
 Alice from Olympia
Great bags - much thicker and better quality than I expected.
 Glenn from Duxbury
Perfect size for post op supplies and instructions for my patients. Well made and biodegradable.
 Lanette from Stafford
Great product for the price. Material seems very sturdy. Logo came out great.
 Kathy from Neshkoro
The chairs are very nice looking, everyone from the club that has seen them really likes them. Nice job! Kathy
 Nichole from Dallas
Perfect for our camp out! Great quality for the price!
 Jamin from Goode
Love these pads! Logo looks great and adhesive is super-sticky!
 Amanda from Warrenton
Exactly what I wanted!
 Karlyn from Delaware
Exceeded my expectations! I was very pleased with the whole experience from order to delivery. Well Done!
 Katherine from Stephenville
Turned out wonderful.
 Vanessa from Lebanon
This was exactly what I expected. I like the price and that the ink flows well when I use them (I've often found that promotional pens that are in the lower price category often do not write well).
 Laurie from Ionia
Perfect item for give away at local fair. Good quality for a great price.
 Melanie from Rock Hill
The pen looses its "clickability" and won't retract.
 Barbara from Littleton
Excellent, and they write great!
 Sierra from Columbia
The pens looked really nice. We ordered the red option, and they are very professional and well made. The stylus works great!
 Vonda from Columbia
 Erin from Santa Clara
 Pamela from Farmington Hills
Umbrellas were perfect - great quality - excellent service!
 Delores from Seattle
These umbrella's are wonderful - everyone that received them were very appreciatitive and to Logo came out great.
 Rebecca from Bloomington
Our umbrellas were shipped and delivered before the ink from the printing cooled, therefore; we were left with blotchy logos. We weren't happy with the appearance, however; your customer service is excellent. We were refunded the entire cost and were allowed to keep the umbrellas at no charge. I will still be ordering from you in the future.
 Nancy from Farmington Hills
I thought the fabric would of been better quality. I know the titles says 'budget' but I didn't think it would be flimsy nylon panels.
 William from Renton
This product is great value. Exactly as expected. Thanks very much.
 Scott from Ridgway
For the price of the items they are very good. The imprinting on the bags was top quility
 Rosie from Neptune
Very spacious. Some colors were a little to bright.
 Kelly from Oakhurst
We loved the bags!!! they were strurdy and good quality! All of our winners have really enjoyed them.
 Mona from Denver
We were very pleased with the design and the size of the leisure duffel bag. We normally give these out to our employees and members in October but when they arrived several of the employess requested theirs to use immediately. We were very pleased with how quickly we received the items and especially appreciated that we did not have to do a lot of work to get this product purchased.
 Chiquita from Jackson
I have always had good quality from the items I have ordered in the past but was surprised how good this bag turned out.
 Grant from Gilbert
Great product, even better than they look in the picture. Great price.
 Tim from Beaverton
The tags came out well but the color was different than the samples that were sent to us. We found the tags to be satisfactory, so there was no need to return them. We were just surprised at the color. It was a much darker blue than the samples. I will chalk it up to mutual mis-communication.
 Linda from Donora
I love these luggage tags. They should take alot of abuse from the airlines because of the softness of the vinyl. I also like the bright green color. They will be easy to spot. Everyone that has seen them thinks they are great.
 Diana from Houston
Soft shirts, great fit.
 Dustin from Oshkosh
Great shirt for the price!!!
 Jennifer from St Paul
Great. Very happy. Sizes run normal, maybe a tiny bit on the smaller side. Very comfy and a bit more flexible than the non-soft-touch version. Nice quality & nice variety of colors. Cut looks good on our "healthy" guys as well as our petite ladies (women's style). Can be worn out of the dryer.
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